Good to know

Manfred R. Dreimann offers the following to those interested in art:

Worksshop visit
You can visit the artist in his atelier by appointment and learn more about his work and style over a coffee, tea or glass of wine.

Work to order
Carried out according to your ideas relating to size, colours and topics. The artist reserves the freedom relating to technique and design.

Works of Art on Loan
Artwork can be borrowed. This means that you are able to enhance your home, office, practise, etc. For an unlimited time. Should you decide to keep the rental work of art, then the amount paid for rental will be partially credited to the sales price. The minimum is 12 month. Details and terms on demand.

Exhibition Concept
This offer is aimed at both private citizens and free-lancers who wish to create a welcoming atmosphere using art.
Please contact Manfred R. Dreimann directly.

To discuss the important things in your environment, just make an appointment with the artist.

Further art-seminars are being planned. Theme, content and aims are tailored to the participants needs as well as to the size of the group.

Rental Purchase
Works of art can be bought using rental purchase. This means that you rent the artwork from whenever you wish and settle the purchase prise in 36 equal installments. Details and terms on demand.

Trial Hanging
It is possible to arrange a trial hanging in your own locality. Your advantage is hat you choose only what appeals to your in your own environment. Flat rate travel expenses, sphere of action and further details on request.

Trial Purchuse
The artist furthermore allows for he possibility of test purchase. This means that you purchase a piece of artwork and can return it within an agreed period without having to give any further reasons. You need only pay a flat rate, which is as low as the rental purchase rates.

Should you be interested in any of the services, please send a short e-mail. I will then contact you shortly.